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RediHeat: Delivering Delicious, Warm Pies Every Time with Our Heated Pie Carrying Cases

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As a baker, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of creating a perfect pie. But that satisfaction can quickly fade if your masterpiece arrives at its destination cold and soggy. Here at RediHeat, we understand the importance of delivering warm, flaky crusts and delicious fillings, which is why we designed our heated pie carrying case.

RediHeat: Your Trusted Partner in Pie Perfection

Since 2003, RediHeat has been a leading provider of top-quality heated delivery solutions for restaurants and catering companies across the nation. Our Cleveland-based company is dedicated to helping you impress your customers with flawless pies, delivered hot and fresh, whether it’s across town or down the street.

More Than Just a Pie Carrying Case

RediHeat’s heated pie carrying cases go beyond simple insulation. Our insulated thermal bags are American-made and designed to retain heat exceptionally well. But what truly sets us apart is our innovative patented heating technology**.

Here’s why RediHeat’s heated pie carrying cases are the perfect choice for bakeries and pie makers:

  • Consistent Heat for Perfect Results: Our heating technology works seamlessly with the insulated bag to maintain consistent heat for up to 45 minutes. This ensures your pies arrive warm, with flaky crusts and gooey fillings that your customers will love.
  • Safe and Easy to Use: RediHeat’s heating systems are safe and user-friendly. Simply plug the carrier into a standard outlet for 4-5 minutes to preheat, and it will automatically regulate the temperature to keep your pies perfect.
  • Built to Last: RediHeat products are manufactured in the USA with a focus on quality. We back our heating elements with an industry-leading 2-year warranty, so you can be confident in your investment.

Delivering More Than Just Pies

While our heated pie carrying cases are perfect for preserving the perfect temperature of your pies, they’re versatile enough to handle a variety of hot delivery needs. Pizzas, casseroles, and other hot dishes can all be delivered fresh and delicious using RediHeat’s innovative technology.

Upgrade Your Pie Deliveries with RediHeat

Stop settling for soggy crusts and lukewarm fillings. RediHeat’s heated pie carrying cases guarantee your customers receive their pies exactly as intended: warm, delicious, and sure to leave a lasting impression.

Shop RediHeat today to learn more about our heated pie carrying cases and how we can help you elevate your deliveries!

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