HEATED 2 Pie Bag 16 Inch Red


HEATED 2 Pie Bag – ready-to-use heated delivery system

Red  – 16″

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This complete, ready-to-use heated delivery system consists of a high-quality thermal bag made of premium materials for superior temperature retention, a RediHeat patented heating element, and cord. This bag is designed to hold two 16-inch pizzas but can carry up to three or four smaller pizzas.

All of RediHeat’s heaters are A/C and designed to be plugged into a wall outlet prior to delivery, taking only 4-5 minutes to reach the optimal heating temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit and keeping your food hot for 45 minutes.

All of our delivery bags and heaters are made in the USA and come with our 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. This bag is the highest-quality food delivery bag and built to last.

Bag Dimensions: 17.5″x17.5″x5″