HEATED 10 Pie Bag Red


This large pizza carrier is designed to hold TEN 16-inch pizzas.


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These large heated, 10 pie heated pizza bags are designed to hold ten 16-inch pizzas and comes with a high quality thermal bag constructed of premium materials for superior temperature retention, two heaters, two cords, and an internal wire rack with one shelf in the middle–5 pies on top, 5 pies on the bottom.

All of RediHeat’s heaters are A/C and designed to be plugged into a wall outlet prior to delivery, taking only 4-5 minutes to reach the optimal heating temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit and keeping your food hot for 45 minutes.

All of our delivery bags and heaters are made in the USA and come with our 2-year manufacturers warranty. This bag is the highest-quality food delivery bag and built to last.

Bag Dimensions: 17.5″x17.5″x22″

🔥🍕 RediHeat 10-Pie Heated Pizza Bags: Elevate Every Pizza Delivery Experience! 🍕🔥

Introducing the RediHeat Heated 10-Pie Bag – a game-changing innovation for pizzerias and delivery professionals. More than just a bag, it’s a culinary companion. 🚗✨

🌟 Optimized for Pizza Perfection 🌟

At the heart of this revolutionary bag is an advanced heating system that creates a cozy environment, maintaining the ideal temperature for up to 10 pizzas. Say goodbye to the days of lukewarm slices and hello to a pizza experience that consistently delights your customers.

🍃 Preserving Freshness, Slice by Slice 🍃

The RediHeat Heated 10-Pie Bag is not just about heat; it’s about preserving the freshness and flavor that make your pizzas exceptional. The specially designed compartments ensure that each slice retains its original texture and taste, allowing your customers to savor the true essence of your culinary creations.

🔒 Secure, Durable, and Easy to Use Heated Pizza Bags 🔒

Crafted with durability, the 10-Pie Bag features a robust exterior that protects your pizzas from external elements during transit. The secure closure system keeps each pizza in place, minimizing the risk of shifting and maintaining the perfect presentation. Designed with ease of use in mind, this bag is a practical solution for busy delivery professionals.

🚚 Efficiency and Profitability in Every Delivery 🚚

Maximize your delivery efficiency and increase profitability with the RediHeat Heated 10-Pie Bag. Deliver more pizzas, to more locations, without compromising on quality. This bag is not just a vessel; it’s a strategic tool that allows you to expand your delivery reach and keep your customers coming back for more.

👉 Elevate Your Pizza Delivery Game with RediHeat! 👈

Upgrade your pizza delivery service with the RediHeat Heated 10-Pie Bag – where innovation meets perfection, slice after delicious slice. Keep your pizzas hot, fresh, and irresistible, ensuring your customers experience the magic of your pizzeria with every delivery.