HEATED 5 Pie Bag 16 Inch Red


HEATED 5 Pie Bag – ready-to-use heated delivery system


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RediHeat’s Premier Pizza Warming Bags

Elevate your food delivery game by introducing the RediHeat Heated 5-Pie Carrier to your lineup. This specialized system is meticulously crafted to accommodate up to five 16-inch pizzas, offering unparalleled versatility for your culinary business. The heart of this innovative system lies in its components – a top-tier thermal bag, expertly constructed from premium materials. It ensures superior temperature retention. Complementing this is the RediHeat patented heating element and cord, delivering a cutting-edge solution for maintaining optimal food temperature during transit. For added convenience, an optional internal wire rack is available to enhance the organization and stability of your pizza deliveries.

Our Pizza Warming Bags Specifications

RediHeat takes pride in the technological prowess of its heaters. All heating systems are A/C compatible and effortlessly plug into standard wall outlets. In just 4-5 minutes, the heating element achieves the optimal temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping your delectable pizzas piping hot for a generous 45-minute duration. Our commitment to quality is reflected in the fact that all delivery bags and heaters are meticulously manufactured in the USA and come with a robust 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Rest assured, this heated food delivery bag is the epitome of excellence – a testament to durability, performance, and the assurance of hot, delicious meals every time.

Size of Bag

The dimensions of this exceptional bag are 17.5 inches in length, 17.5 inches in width, and 12 inches in height. This provides ample space for multiple pizzas while upholding the highest standards of construction. RediHeat stands as your trusted partner in delivering not just meals, but an experience of quality and reliability that lasts.